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Confused how to arrange a visa malaysia for indian citizens ? The applicant must be present during aplication and submit :

visa malaysia for indian citizen

visa malaysia for indian citizen
visa malaysia for indian citizen

1. Visa Form (available at the consular section, Immigration and labour) Free.
2. Covering letter from company
3. Contract agrement / investment
4. Stay Permit From Imigration Indonesia (Kitas/Kitap)
5. Letter from Applicant
6. Pasport Applicant
7. Picture (foto) latest measuring 4cm X 6cm of one (1) sheet with white background and can not be polaroid
8. Invitation Letter From company in Malaysia
9. Salary Slip (last 3 month)
10. Applicant bank account statement (3 month)
Note :
a. All letter/document/original document must be submitted toghether eith two (2) copies in A4 size
b. All Completed applicant will be processed within tree (3) working days from the date of applicant
c. The applicant must present himself/can not be represented

If you need help to make visa malaysia for indian citizens and notarized document at a notary , Kemenkumham , the Foreign Ministry and the embassy Malaysia , please contact Mr fauzi PT. Jangkar Global Groups: no hp/whatsapp xl: +6287727688883 hp/whatsapp simpati : +6281290434111  Telp Office : +622122008353

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